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Property owners will pay more

Guest Commentary by Brian Pondenis; printed in The Leader, November 26, 2009; posted here courtesy of The Leader.

After attending the Heritage School Board’s Truth in Taxation meeting, I stand behind everything I wrote in my prior column several weeks ago. All facts contained in the article had concrete sources, including the News-Gazette, the Champaign County Assessor’s office, and Heritage School Board meeting minutes. Continue reading

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Public needs to know the truth

Guest Commentary by Brian Pondenis;  The Leader, November 12, 2009.  Posted here courtesy of The Leader. [Author’s source information included for reference].

The Heritage School Board wants to raise your property taxes again. You may have seen a notice to this effect in recent newspapers. The notice indicates that Heritage wants an overall 6.82% increase in revenue derived from property tax and invites the public to attend a “Truth in Taxation” meeting.

Last November, a large turnout of Champaign County voters defeated a proposition to increase the sales tax by 1% to provide funding for school facilities. Unsatisfied with that result, Continue reading

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