Building Permits

Recently, I have had several questions from Broadlands residents on the subject of building permits.  I interviewed the Zoning Administrator, Rob Lankford of Broadlands, about the building permit process, and when building permits are required.  Here is a link to a downloadable Building Permit Application , which you may print and complete.

Q: What types of projects generally require building permits?

A: Permits are generally required for the construction of new structures in which a foundation is used, such as a house or garage.  Additions onto houses or garages also require permits, whether the expansion is horizontal (as in adding a room) or vertical (as in adding a story).  New fences also require permits.

Q: What kinds of projects do not require a building permit?

A: The demolition of homes or other buildings, like garages, do not require building permits.  (Although construction of a new home, garage, or other replacement building would need a permit).  Storage sheds and similar structures which are movable — not resting on a permanent foundation — do not require permits.  Also, remodeling of existing structures, like remodeling a kitchen or closing in an existing porch, do not require permits.  Finally, electrical, plumbing, or roofing work don’t require building permits.

Q: What is the process for obtaining a building permit?

A: Residents must obtain a permit before beginning projects that require a permit.  The application process is straightforward.  There is a two-page permit application that must be completed and returned to the Zoning Administrator, along with a modest fee.  Permit applications are typically reviewed and approved quickly.

Please take into consideration that, when building a new fence, it is a good idea that you leave enough room between the fence and the property line to allow for maintenance of the fence.

The above information is a basic summary of the permit requirements contained in the Broadlands Zoning Ordinance.  Please note that the summary may not apply to all situations, and everyone is encouraged to consult with the Zoning Ordinance, the Zoning Administrator, or Village Board in case of questions.

The Zoning Administrator, Robert Lankford, may be reached at:
107 E. Green St., Broadlands; (217) 834-3448.

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