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Building Permit information added to site

In light of questions I have received about building permits, I added a page outlining the general situations in which a building permit is and isn’t required in the Village of Broadlands.  Also included is a link to a downloadable building permit application form, for your convenience. The permit page is accessible from the menu on the right-hand side of this page and entitled ‘Building Permits.’  A link to the Broadlands Zoning Ordinance is also included on that page, as well as on the Ordinances page.

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“Dry” Broadlands? I think not.

I heard a rumor recently.  The story goes something like this: at a recent “meeting” I supposedly announced my desire to make our village “dry” — meaning, banning the sale of alcohol in town. This is ridiculous for several reasons. Continue reading

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2009 Village Board Minutes and more posted

The minutes of the Broadlands Village Board meetings have been posted here. In addition to minutes, you will find statements of bills and financial reports. All posted material is for your convenience and information, and is published unofficially. For official documents, please contact the Village of Broadlands.

2009 Broadlands Village Board meeting documents


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Historical Village Meeting Minutes Posted

Historical Broadlands, Illinois Village Meeting Minutes dating from the village’s incorporation in 1902 have been posted to this site. The book in which they were discovered contains minutes from 1902 – 1937. The link’s just below.

Historical Broadlands Village Meeting Minutes


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Broadlands Village Ordinances

There seems to be a public lack of awareness regarding Village Ordinances. In the interest of providing information, copies of the current Ordinances, as well as some historical ordinances, may be found here. –Ed.


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