The Broadlands Spectator is a site dedicated to informing the public about Broadlands, Illinois.

There is a page presenting in one place most, if not all, the information required for new residents — utility and communications contact information, postal service and mail delivery information, school district and Village government information. 

Additionally, every effort will be made to post the minutes of the monthly Village Board meetings, so that residents may stay informed about the actions of their local government. As time and resources allow, the Village’s monthly bills and financial reports will be posted, so residents may see for themselves how the Village’s funds are being spent. All of these items are public information.

Also, as it is uncovered, historical information about the Village of Broadlands will be posted on the site. As of December 2009, the Village Board’s minutes from 1902-1937 have been posted.  The village was incorporated in 1902, so it is interesting to read about the issues that were considered important at the village’s very beginning. Unfortunately, it appears that many of the later records are lost.

Finally, there will be the occasional opinion article, or other miscellaneous item posted. Any comments, corrections, or contributions by local residents are certainly most welcome.


One response to “About

  1. I was hoping you’d be able to link The Leader to your website somewhere. I’m not sure there is a links sections but it might help new people in town get a pulse on the communities in Broadlands and the surrounding towns, as well as keep them up to date on the local news and businesses.

    Thank you,
    Office Coordinator
    The Leader

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