Chickens and Livestock in Town

A single resident has expressed concern about other residents’ chickens in town.  There was no mention of vermin, odor, or any other nuisance — just the mere fact that the resident(s) had chickens.  Chickens have been in town since at least 2011, and this has been the first complaint to my knowledge.

There is no ordinance prohibiting Broadlands residents from having chickens on their property.  Several families in Broadlands have chickens, and have had them for years, without any issues.

Furthermore, many other villages, towns, and cities allow residents to keep chickens within municipal limits.  With the price of eggs speculated to rise due to bird disease, perhaps more people should have a chicken or two.  Eggs are a healthy meal. It’s nice to know where your food comes from.  Are chickens really much different from having a dog as a pet?  Perhaps Broadlands should ban all dogs, if it’s going to ban chickens.  Maybe all outdoor animals should be prohibited.  Better not be any birds flying over your property! The concept is ridiculous.

The resident with a concern complained that someone could bring in 300 chickens.  I am not aware of any person in Broadlands with a lot that large.  The last time I knew, Tyson Poultry was not planning to relocate a chicken-rearing facility to Broadlands village limits.  Such a situation would trigger the Village’s nuisance laws, anyway. Moreover, swine (pigs, boars, etc.) are already prohibited from being kept in Village limits.  See the Ordinances page for further details.

Considering that residents have already had chickens for years, without problems; that our village is bounded on all sides by farmland, including land used to raise cows; and that there have been no substantial complaints about chickens in town, I think the Village Board’s decision to not address one person’s inordinate concern about chickens to be entirely appropriate.  Broadlands residents — feel free to have chickens; just keep them on your property.




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