Threatening to kill dogs in town — totally inappropriate.

One Broadlands resident has threatened to “shoot” a neighbor’s small dog should it enter his property. The resident displayed a rifle-like gun in a threatening manner, and actually obstructed the dog’s owner from retrieving the dog.

Killing or injuring a person’s dog is a felony under Illinois State law. Such a terrible action is also subject to severe penalties under Illinois’ civil law.

One simply doesn’t get a free pass to kill a dog for entering one’s property.

The resident is warned. Especially this resident, who may have poisoned animals in the past and was warned about that. What a great name to give to the town. Self-help is not an option.

The appropriate means to resolve such issues would include: cordial discussion with the dog owner / neighbor, seeking help from the Village authorities, or calling Animal Control. Immediately threatening to kill a neighbor’s small dog, posing no threat of any danger, for passing through one’s yard, is simply inappropriate — especially when small children are around.


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