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Building Permit information added to site

In light of questions I have received about building permits, I added a page outlining the general situations in which a building permit is and isn’t required in the Village of Broadlands.  Also included is a link to a downloadable building permit application form, for your convenience. The permit page is accessible from the menu on the right-hand side of this page and entitled ‘Building Permits.’  A link to the Broadlands Zoning Ordinance is also included on that page, as well as on the Ordinances page.

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1860s New York Times articles about our area

I stumbled across three New York Times articles describing the farm operations in and around what is now Broadlands.  One describes the vast amount of hedge — more than one hundred miles of it —  planted along the roads in the 1860s.  Unfortunately, not much of that precious shade remains today.  The area around Broadlands was at one time an enormous farm, owned by a single person. This article describes it as being “the largest farm in the world.”  Another article praises the (eventual) breakup of this vast estate, stating that smaller farms are of greater benefit to the community. It’s interesting to see the modern trend of the conglomeration of smaller farms into larger farming operations.

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Past Minutes, Bills, and Financial Reports online

Where available, the monthly minutes of the Village of Broadlands meetings, bill listings, and financial reports have been posted here, spanning from 1993 to the present.  Links to those pages are in the menu on the right-hand side.  All items are downloadable Adobe pdf files.

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Two much-needed changes and a new Trustee for Broadlands

Several much-needed changes will be happening around town. 

First, the Village Board has agreed to install a water-bill drop box at the Village Hall.  This way, residents need not mail in water bill payments each month (and spend 44 cents, and risk mis-delivery).

Second, the park equipment should be updated by the July 4th holiday.  The Village has scheduled concrete work to be done the second week of June.  Assuming the concrete workers are on  schedule, the park should be finished shortly.  Just as a reminder, the update consists of removal of some older swings and other equipment, and installation of new play equipment and a water fountain.

Finally, electrician Dave Parsons was selected to fill the Trustee vacancy left by Matt Buffington when he became the Acting Mayor.

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