An Official Website for Broadlands? Your input requested.

At the April Village meeting, I proposed the idea of an official Village of Broadlands website.  Ideally, this would be a site residents could visit to find whatever information they need about our village. Of course, all village minutes, ordinances, and financial information would be available.  I believe residents have a right to easy access to all of this information (which was my motivation in starting this small site). I also think that if the Village plans to enforce its rules, then the Village must ensure that residents have complete availability to all the relevant information.

Your input would really be appreciated.  Are there any features or information you would like to see presented on a village website?

I have several ideas.  First, the village should look into accepting water bill payments online.  I proposed installing a slot for in-person payments at the Village Hall, but due to security concerns, that idea has not been acted upon to date.  Second, there should definitely be an online comment/complaint/suggestion form, so residents can express their opinions (anonymously, if they wish) to the village. There could also be a page or section devoted to community events or organizations.

If anyone has any suggestions, or if anyone even thinks a website would be useful (or not), please feel free to contact me or post a comment here.  Thanks for your help.



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2 responses to “An Official Website for Broadlands? Your input requested.

  1. Bethany

    I’m looking to get in contact with Krista Jones regarding upcoming community events or festivals as well as updating some contact information.

    Please email at or give The Leader a call back at 469-0045. Thank you very much!

    The Leader

  2. Debby Reynolds

    I think an official site for the village is a wonderful idea and this site is a great start! Thanks for all the information and links provided.

    I would like to see some feature stories on the residents of Broadlands. Maybe something like a “Get to Know Your Neighbors” column? I would be interested in interviewing residents and writing their stories.

    I also like the photos you posted. My husband and I are both into photography and would enjoy adding some of our photos of Broadlands and it’s residents to the site as well.


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