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Do you have reliable, affordable high-speed internet?

If you’re reading this, I bet you don’t.

If you live in Broadlands (or Allerton or Longview), your internet options are quite limited.  We just don’t have the land-based fast options, such as cable, DSL, or fiber-optic internet, available in larger communities.  Instead, our options are limited to the Continue reading

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“Dry” Broadlands? I think not.

I heard a rumor recently.  The story goes something like this: at a recent “meeting” I supposedly announced my desire to make our village “dry” — meaning, banning the sale of alcohol in town. This is ridiculous for several reasons. Continue reading

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Residents entitled to free Post Office boxes

Residents living in more rural towns may find that the U.S. Postal Service does not deliver mail to their homes.  Instead, those residents must obtain a Post Office Box in order to receive mail. Unfortunately, I have heard about people in this situation, in nearby communities and beyond, being charged a yearly fee for the post office box. If the U.S.P.S. refuses to deliver mail to your home, it must provide a no-fee PO box. Continue reading


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2010 Village Minutes posted

As they become available, the 2010 Broadlands Village Board meeting minutes will be posted here.


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Response from IDOT regarding Road 200 N

I received a response today from IDOT regarding Broadlands Road (200N / State Street).  While I am not thrilled with the response, at least the department responded promptly.  The gist of the letter seems to be that IDOT will do only the barest of maintenance to roads like this except in cases where the Department can dump responsibility for the road onto another jurisdiction.  However, once another governmental unit accepts responsibility for a road, IDOT would likely have no future obligation to repair it. 

The letter is here: IDOT-letter


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