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Frontier seeks approval to buy Verizon’s landline services

Today’s News-Gazette reports that Frontier Communications and Verizon are closer to finalizing Frontier’s purchase of Verizon’s landline telephone service.  Verizon plans to sell its rural telephone service lines to Frontier, while keeping the more urban areas to itself.  There are questions about Frontier’s ability to pay for the purchase. Another issue is whether Frontier can manage to provide reliable service to such a large area.  Finally, prior instances of Verizon’s sale of landlines to other companies have ended up terribly.  The Illinois Commerce Commission invites the public to comment on the proposed deal.

My own letter to the Commission is below.

My main concerns are:

  • the possibility of increased prices (Frontier has to pay for the deal somehow)
  • the chance that Frontier might end up distressed or even bankrupt — what happens to our service then?
  • whether Broadlands will EVER get high-speed internet; it seems even less likely under Frontier than under Verizon

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Letter to IDOT regarding Road 200N…

This is a letter I sent to the Illinois Department of Transportation, regarding County Road 200N (aka State Road 525) which runs east-west through the Village of Broadlands.  As most of you are aware, the road is in deplorable condition and has been for quite some time.  I will post any reply I receive from IDOT on this issue.

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Community building in need of repairs

Structure was finished in 1942 and was partially funded by the Works Progress Administration

By Nora Maberry, January 14, 2010; posted here with permission from The Leader

Community Building in BroadlandsThe Ayers Township Community Building is in need of repairs.

The building, located on Lincoln Street in Broadlands, has several areas that need repairs, said Broadlands Village Trustee Brian Pondenis.

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2006 – 2008 Broadlands Village minutes posted

The Village Clerk has kindly provided the minutes for village meetings from 2006 to 2009. The minutes from 2006-2008 have been posted here. Also, the gaps in the 2009 minutes have been filled in.

2006-08 minutes page


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2009 Village Board Minutes and more posted

The minutes of the Broadlands Village Board meetings have been posted here. In addition to minutes, you will find statements of bills and financial reports. All posted material is for your convenience and information, and is published unofficially. For official documents, please contact the Village of Broadlands.

2009 Broadlands Village Board meeting documents


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